My babies are so sick. To look you would not know.

Their sweet and lovely faces. Full of smiles all aglow.

My babies, they are dying. We've been told, things just aren't right.

So we watch them every moment. In total fear and fright.

When I tuck my babies in their bed and kiss them on their cheeks,

I hug and kiss them one more time. As tears stream to my feet.

Our Stacey left us year ago. Her picture's all we have.

Her hopes and dreams and love of life. Are memories of the past.

I know the boys would love her. If they'd ever met.

As she touched so many hearts. In her life before she left.

She did not mean to hurt us. Break our hearts and crush our dreams.

But she was called to Heaven. And we couldn't intervene.

Now Stacey looks from Heaven. And keeps us safe and sound.

I think she lent her little hand. For this cure to be finally found.

We know she helped and guided them. We know she knew our pain.

The tragic loss of a precious child. We couldn't endure again.

Our babies they are healthy now. The sickness gone for good.

They laugh, they grow, they jump and sing. I wish they understood.

As parents of sick children. We hope you keep in mind.

The faith and promise in our hearts. For the cures we hope you'll find.

For us there's now bright sunlight. For others the darkness looms.

But maybe today you'll discover a way. To move mountains and watch flowers bloom.

-Poem by Shirley Cox (first printed in Support Newsletter No.5)

This poem is a constant reminder of the needs of others. Stacey Cox died at the age of 5 in 1985 before Neupogen was available. Shirley Cox and her husband have 3 sons: Tyler (14), Spencer (10) and Travis (11). Spencer and Travis are on Neupogen daily as well as Shirley's husband who are all doing very well.