The National Neutropenia Network (NNN) and the SCNIR are the U.S.A. Patient connection..For more details visit their website

The Neutropenia Support Association Inc. ( founded 1989) is independent of the NNN and the SCNIR.

Canadian physicians; Dr's Bonnie Cham and Melvin Freedman initiated the Canadian registry in 1994.

The Neutropenia Support Assoc. Inc. is greatly indebted to the late Dr. Laurence Boxer, Ann Arbor Michigan and Dr. David C. Dale, Seattle Washington and other of the SCNIR.

A number of Canadian families participated in the G-CSF trials in the late 1980's when so little was really known about neutropenia.

The current knowledge of severe congenital neutropenia (SCN) and multifaceted syndromes accompanied by neutropenia has been detailed in many published articles in major medical journals. New information continues to literally explode in the community each and every year..... the latest gene reported ASH 2008.

The SCNIR ASH presentations and abstracts have helped educate Internationally thousands of hematologists and motivate young researchers.

Those treating SCN's have Internationally saved or helped SCN's live so much longer. Providing they have access to treatment, gone are the days a child would not make it to the age of 3. I have personally met or spoken to literally thousands of Internationally truly thankful families and individuals.