My name is Bill Plomp. I am a 52 year old Police Officer in Lethbridge, Alberta.

In June 1986 I began to feel the effects of ill health which, after multiples of processes, procedures, hospitals and doctors, was finally diagnosed by the Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota, as "Auto-immune Neutropenia". Prior to this time I was, what I believed to be, in excellent work.

By now my deteriorating health had resulted in the surgical removal of the lower lobe of my left lung. I continued on a sharp "downhill" decline and in December of 1986 was put on a steroid treatment program which did improve my health, but not without a price.

The day to day struggles of coping with the illnesses relating to neutropenia necessitated the involvement of doctors, hospitals, procedures far too numerous to recall. The continuing use of antibiotics to ward off and fight infections also did not come without a price. A heart blockage, as a result of medications I believe, the rising blood pressure, etc., etc., could go on as to the problems caused by or associated to neutropenia regardless of its origin. However, let my say that the big factors in overall health, also a factor brought on by neutropenia is the psychological stress, that constant worry of what will be next and when. This takes a drastic toll on the quality of life as well as the fact of being constantly sick.

Loss of work, about 18 months since August 1986, is also a "side effect" of neutropenia which is in itself very destructive.

Then NEUPOGEN. September 18, 1992 I took my first injection of Neupogen and in six days of daily injection, my absolute neutrophil count went from 51 to 9600 - WOW - a miracle????? I believe so, but best of all my general health followed the same sharp upward climb.

No more steroids, no more antibiotics. NO MORE SICK, NO MORE WORRY, no more neutropenia induced stress. When judged on a scale of 1 - 10, my quality of life now sits at 9.999 compared to a 2 four short months ago.

NEUPOGEN is a powerful drug in more ways than one. Realizing that the individual body responds differently in all cases, I do wish to point out that in starting at 1.6 ml of Neupogen per day, I am now reduced to a vial of Neupogen once every five days. I repeat, a miracle, Neupogen has given me a new lease on life, a new hope for a tomorrow to enjoy.

What more can I say. I am now and will forever be indebted to and thankful to all those who assisted me in my bid for Neupogen, for that second chance. As such, I too wish to share with and assist my fellow sufferer of neutropenia in any way which I can, because I do understand. I have been there.

My thanks to the Alberta Government for understanding, for caring about me, to make NEUPOGEN not only available but financially accessible to me.